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Fit into Parenthood

***At this time, please reach out to me via social media, email or the contact page to connect, discuss and schedule any services.***

Personal Training

As a Certified Personal Trainer and Strength Coach, I aim to connect with clients who desire to increase their functional strength, mobility and flexibility, improve their body composition and overall wellbeing. Together we will identify what works to meet your specific needs and create a linear progression program that will challenge you and reward you with measurable results. My priority is optimization of movement and wellness, and while weight loss can be a tool to measure success, I hope to create an overall vision of wellness that goes beyond scale-based victories. Currently providing individual and small group in person sessions. $40/ session

group fitness

Stay in touch with us on social media to see available upcoming group sessions and locations. $8 per session, $75 for package of 10 sessions paid in full. 

Pregnancy & Birth Consult

Whether this is your first pregnancy, you're bringing home a sibling, or you're planning for parenthood through foster, adoption or surrogacy, I can help you understand and plan for common situations that arise throughout pregnancy, discuss how to effectively communicate with your care team and take full advantage of all of the resources and opportunities available to you in your area. Additionally and if desired, we can sit down together and create an effective birth, post partum and/or newborn care plan so you can move forward in your journey more confident, better prepared and more connected to your baby, your partner and your family. Consult for birth or postpartum planning are $60 each, or $110 combined.

Childbirth & Newborn Care Education

Both Childbirth and Newborn Care classes can be scheduled and taught with individuals, couples, or larger groups. I offer a 3 hour and 9 hour Childbirth Course: How, When & Why, and also a 3-4 hour Newborn Care Course. For a complete menu of course information and pricing, please download this PDF.

Birth Doula

Let me join your team in planning and preparing for your birth. We will walk together through the process, starting with a prenatal visit where we visualize your labor and identify your wants, needs and any questions you may have. On the big day, I will be available in-person, or virtually to provide unbiased support to you throughout your birth experience. After discharge, if desired, we will meet once more to go over your experience and process any questions, concerns or feelings you may have.

I am dedicated to supporting all types of birth plans from a home birth with a Licensed Midwife to a planned cesarean birth in a traditional hospital setting, and everything in between. I do also have the ability to support births in person at military facilities.

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